Thursday, 3 January 2013

Revising for Maths Exams - Get a Higher Grade with these Tips (Part 1)

With my own A-level Maths exam coming up in a week and a half, I have been doing a lot of revision with classmates and independently during the holidays.
I find that Maths is a subject a lot of people find it difficult to revise for because it is bit different to other subjects. There aren't many 'facts' to learn (besides the odd theorem of course!) and some say that it is more of a 'skill'.
The revision aids commonly used for other subjects may not work as well for Maths. On top of that, making Maths notes can be tricky, too.
In this post, I will share some ideas on revising effectively for Maths exams, which hopefully may help you to increase your score or grade. :D

Past Papers
 I cannot stress how important these are!! They are useful in most subjects but even more so for Maths.
What you will find is that there are only so many ways for the examiners to ask questions so a lot of similar questions are repeated over the years.
Doing past papers in exam conditions allow you to get used to the style of questions and to practice your time management i.e. the speed at which you answer questions.
Believe me, you don't want to run out of time!

Mark Schemes
Also, looking at the mark scheme when you mark your paper allows you to appreciate where and why marks are awarded. Some exam boards are very picky about certain things so its important to know what they are.
Apart from that, you obviously know where your strengths are and where you are lacking so you know which areas to focus on.
Plus, you get a grade which is a good indicator of where you are at. Make sure you are completely honest with your marking - being generous may cause more harm than good.  And remember that, the more papers you do, the better your grade will get, so don't be discouraged by a low score!

That's all for today, but keep an eye out for the follow-up. You can subscribe to this blog by email too on the side bar on the right.

Did you find these tips helpful? What Maths exam(s) are you revising for? Let me know by commenting below.

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